As a wholly-Italian owned company, Olitalia embodies the “quality of life” aspects of Italian culture: close ties and relationships between people, a better-balanced lifestyle and, most importantly, a tasteful and healthy diet. The two most important gourmet items that express these Italian values around the world are extra virgin olive oil and Modena balsamic vinegar. As a leading expert in the production of these oils and vinegars, Olitalia often acts as Italy’s gourmet ambassador to the world. 

In Italy, “living well” is part of everyday life. It features heavily in our personal relationships, life rhythms, general well-being, the sharing of great moments together and, most of all, our food. Extra virgin olive oil and Modena balsamic vinegar have a special identity: they are typically Italian treasures with a taste all their own, embodying a series of values created by the people of this peninsula, across millenia. This is why we take particular pride in bringing these traditional Italian gourmet items to the four corners of the globe.